For “PipeDreamers” Only!

The supreme challenge and adventure is the ability to see through the tired, broken, and dirty condition of a pipe and capture a vision of its potential – with a bit of help.  Most of the pipes I have re-commissioned and sold have resulted from people exploring my ‘Help Me!’ baskets (and boxes!) looking for that perfect pipe that will be a gift for someone special or simply to add to one’s own collection. This gave me the idea of these virtual ‘ Help Me!’ baskets For “Pipe Dreamers” Only! – allowing a virtual tour of pipes waiting to be found by new stewards – OR pipes which find or choose new stewards (if one embraces the Harry Potter ‘Wand lore’ as being in play! – ‘the wand chooses the wizard’).   This special pipe can then be commissioned for restoration for that steward who can ‘dream’ of what the pipe can become!

How does Pipe Dreamers work?  If a pipe ‘discovers you’ and you desire to commission it for restoration, send me a note at identifying the pipe you want restored (Ref.# and name).  I can provide a rough estimate  (plus postage) and completion projection.  When the commissioned pipe’s research, restoration and publication are completed, I will provide the final valuing giving you, the commissioner, first opportunity of either purchasing the pipe or passing.  If you pass, I  simply leave the pipe in The Pipe Steward StoreRemember, all pipes sold benefit the Daughters of Bulgaria!  If you have questions about the commissioning process or pipes, send me a note.  Happy dreaming and exploring the virtual ‘Help Me!’ baskets below!

Dreamers! Basket One     |     Dreamers! Basket Two
Dreamers! Basket Three     |     Dreamers! Basket Four