Pipe Store

Profits for the sale of pipes are given to the work of the Daughters of Bulgaria.

Thanks for looking!  I will be adding pipes in need of new stewards after I return to Bulgaria in February! All the pipes offered have been cleaned thoroughly, and are ready to be adopted!  You can read about the story of each pipe and their restoration by searching The Pipe Steward. The price listed is for the pipe.  Postage is paid for by the buyer (about 15$ to the US from Bulgaria or less in Europe – bundling multiple purchases is possible) but specific rates and options will be determined after receiving a mailing address.  Payment can be via PayPal using my email address: ThePipeSteward@gmail.com.  Contact me or leave a comment below with your questions.

If you do not see a pipe in the store, check out the possibilities in the For PipeDreamers’ Only section to commission a pipe for restoration!  Patience is required!

A beautiful unmarked Bent Billiard number (362).  The only indication of the origin of this pipe I found in Sozopol, Bulgaria, is the stem imprint which appears to be an ‘A’.  I restored this pipe as part of an essay describing my buffing techniques using a Dremel.  You may see this restoration at this link: No-Name Pipe from Sozopol, Bulgaria.  This Bent Billiard has beautiful grain patterns with a rounded rim in pristine shape.  The bowl is in excellent shape.  Both the bowl and stem have been thoroughly cleaned. The dimensions are Length: 5 inches; Height: 2 inches; Bowl depth: 1 1/2 inches; Internal Bowl diameter: 3/4 inches; Full rim diameter: 1 inch.  It is ready to be adopted by a new steward!  It is clean and ready to smoke! SOLD  PRICE Discounted $40USD  $45USD + Postage to be paid by buyer (NOTE: THIS PIPE IS IN ST. LOUIS, MO. WITH MY SON.  SO, US POSTAL RATES WILL APPLY) 

A French Made Jeantet D’Osary Straight Billiard.  This beautifully grained classic Billiard shape was another great find at the an antique store on the Black Sea coast in Burgas, Bulgaria.  The left shank reads “Jeantet” over “Bruyere” and to the right, “D’Osary.  This Jeantet was manufactured in Saint Claude, France, one of many renowned pipe making families coming from this historic pipe making center in Europe.  The briar grain of this Billiard is an beautiful example of lateral fire grain culminating in tight bird’s eye grain on both sides of the stummel. You can learn more about the restoration of this pipe and the (coming) LINK.  The Jeantet D’Osary is thoroughly clean and ready to serve a new steward.  The Jeantet’s dimensions are Length: 5 3/4 inches; Height: 1 3/4 inches; Bowl depth: 1 1/2 inches; Internal Bowl diameter: 6/8 inches; Full rim diameter: 1 1/4 inches.  It is ready to serve a new steward!  SOLD Price $50USD + Postage to be paid by buyer. 

A Classic Kaywoodie Standard Author.  The Author shape has a distinctive presence in the palm – balanced very nicely and a good pipe for casual reflection and reminiscing.   It is probable that this American made Kaywoodie started its service in the 1960s.  The rich, deep brown finish gives this Author a ‘smoking jacket’ air.   To learn more about the restoration of the Kaywoodie’s go to this  LINK.   Ready to serve a new steward!  SOLD Price $60USD + Postage to be paid by buyer.  

4 thoughts on “Pipe Store

    1. Dal in Bulgaria

      Hi Gary, Yes, the No Name Bulgarian is available and is in St. Louis. If you would like it, please send me an email and we can work out the details.


    1. ThePipeSteward - Dal in Bulgaria

      I wish I did. I have several Peretti pipes in the “Help me!” Basket but I’m in the US now and my work table is back in Bulgaria. It will be next February before I could get to it. I have several Oom Paul’s, a half bent Billiard and an Extra large straight Billiard available to restore but not until February! You can see these pipes pictured on my restoration of a Large Full Egg from that same Peretti lot (https://thepipesteward.com/2017/08/10/revitalizing-a-distinctive-l-j-peretti-of-boston-large-full-bent-egg/). Let me know if you can wait!


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