Another Athens find: Renewing a Stout Peterson System Standard 313 Republic of Ireland


Blog by Dal Stanton

Athens, Greece, has been fertile ground for me in landing some nice pipes in the Athenian ‘wild’.  An area very close to the well-known Acropolis summit and near-by Mars Hill, where the Apostle Paul gave his defense of the Christian faith, is the Monastiraki market area. I have found several keepers in this area. I was drawn to one antique shop that spilled out onto the sidewalk of a typically narrow, crowded street.  As I looked over the plethora of paraphernalia in the shop, my eye caught sight of two lonely pipes among statuettes, ash trays, jars and lamps.  Immediately I knew one was a definite possibility – a Pete.  I looked quickly to determine if it was Pre-Republic or Republic of Ireland.  It was a Republic, but seemed to carry some weight of years.  What also caught my attention was that it was on the…

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3 thoughts on “Another Athens find: Renewing a Stout Peterson System Standard 313 Republic of Ireland

  1. Julie Costas

    Dal, you have made a subject I knew nothing about and cared nothing about INTERESTING! I am intrigued now about pipes and their histories and restoration. And how cool that you’re doing something that obviously brings you great joy for the benefit of Daughters of Bulgaria. Carry on!

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