Rejuvenating a Captivating Savinelli Punto Oro Corallo di mare 510ks Rusticated Bulldog


Blog by Dal Stanton

This exquisite line of Savinelli Punto Oro Corallo di mare came to me in a single Lot of 66 that I acquired off the eBay auction block.  As I’ve referenced several times before, the Lot of 66 has been very good to me and this pipe confirms this again.  I included a picture of the Lot of 66 below with an arrow marking the Savinelli.  Looking at this picture reminds me of many pipes that have found new stewards and some that have made it to my own personal collection!  Only one regret – the two clay pipes immediately below the Savinelli Punto Oro Bulldog did not make it in the transit from the seller.  Overall, I am very pleased!This Savinelli Punto Oro got the attention of a Texan named Charles in my online collection called For ‘Pipe Dreamers’ Only!.  He contacted me about…

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