Recommissioning a Stubborn Kaywoodie Prime Grain 205R ‘Fancy’ Bulldog


Blog by Dal Stanton

I acquired this Kaywoodie as a solo in an eBay auction, December of 2017, while my wife and I were on a Christmas trip from Bulgaria to be with family in the United States.   True confession – while in the US I indulged in a few eBay auctions!  They’re exciting, what can I say.  But this Bulldog got my attention. Why?  True confession #2: I’m not a Kaywoodie connoisseur, but I was drawn to the profile of this stout Bulldog bowl proudly cresting with what looked like a crown and reminded me of one of my favorite chess pieces – the Rook or Castle.  The Rook is one of the strongest pieces on the board if properly moved – usually waiting patiently through much of the combat until, strike!  Yes, this is what drew me in to look at the details of the Kaywoodie Prime Grain…

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