Gifting My Dear Friend, Dal Stanton, an Alexander Zavvos Hygrosystem Pipe

I’m reposting this write-up that Paresh did of a pipe he restored as a gift for me commemorating when Steve, Jeff and I visited Paresh and his family in Pune, India. Thanks, Paresh!


Blog by Paresh Deshpande

Steve, his brother, Jeff and Dal Stanton, The Pipe Steward, were on a visit to India in early May 2019. It was a fun filled week and also a great learning. I have always admired the finish that Dal imparts to the pipes he restores while I am amazed at the speed, the measured quantum of work that Steve puts in his restoration processes and also the profound knowledge that he has on all things pipes!! I was fortunate to see and learn these nuances first hand. I had a desire that there should be a unique pipe which all three of us should have (Jeff being a non smoker) and had laid down for myself, the following parameters for identifying THAT PIPE!

(a) Both should not be having this pipe in their personal collection (knowing well that this would be a very tall order!!)


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