Adding Pipes to the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ baskets

It’s been a while since pipes have been added to the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ online ‘Help Me!’ baskets. I’ve been pipe picking and acquiring pipes from all over the world and have grown quite a trove of pipes to add to the baskets for pipe men and women to commission. Some I have acquired through my travels and others have been donated to help benefit the Daughters of Bulgaria. As I post the pipes in the ‘Help Me!’ baskets, more time has been taken to add dimensions and anecdotal information when I have it. Here is a sample of what is to come. Thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “Adding Pipes to the ‘For “Pipe Dreamers” ONLY!’ baskets

  1. John Faulkenberry


    It is time to commission a pipe. The saddle billiard to the right of the Calabash… I’d the dimensions are anywhere close to 6” x 2”, let’s do it. If there is a more formal process I need to go through, certainly willing. John

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